Experience the new features, product enhancements, and other improvements implemented in the Dragonfly 3D World and Dragonfly Pro 2024.1 software release, which includes:


  • The introduction of Dragonfly Social, an online community platform that lets Dragonfly users start discussions, chat, access material, post announcements, as well as share extensions and deep models.
  • Support for sparsely-labeled ground truths, which means that you can prepare training data for deep model training quicker.

  • Access to an expanded remote library of ready-to-use deep models for image enhancement and segmentation.

  • Accelerated inference and advanced tools for inspecting patches and generating augmented training sets for deep learning.

  • Integration of NGSolve for quantifying fluid flow and heat dissipation in engineering and research applications.

  • Automated segmentation routines, including extraction of individual fibers from datasets of reinforced composites and automated methods to reliably segment porosity in single-material samples, such as castings.

  • Advanced image analytics to answer nuanced research questions and radiomics texture extraction to identify and analyze image features.

  • The production version of Dragonfly 3D World’s Analyze and Classify Measurements module, which lets you import scalar data from multi-ROIs, meshes, graphs, and vector fields for the cross-table analysis of feature vectors.

  • Multiple lights, ‘material’ definitions, and improved tone mapping to make your 3D renderings even more sensational.

  • Extended accessibility, with the option to install the application on a system/laptop without a dedicated GPU- 


Review all the new features and product enhancements in the full release note:


Release Notes

Dragonfly 3D World Release Note 2024.1