A maintenance plan is the best way to ensure you have product updates and access to technical support resources when it matters most.

A Dragonfly Maintenance Plan is provided with each purchased commercial license of Dragonfly (Annual or Perpetual) for a period one year from the date of purchase. Owners of a maintenance plan are entitled to free product upgrades, updates, and bug fixes, as well as to priority Technical Support services during the 12-month maintenance term.

A Dragonfly Maintenance Plan can also be purchased separately for non-commercial licenses.

What's Included in a Maintenance Plan?

Product Upgrades, Updates, and Bug Fixes
We regularly develop new versions of Dragonfly that incorporate new features and product enhancements. A maintenance plan is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest version of Dragonfly. For the duration of your maintenance period, you are entitled to all upgrades, new version releases, updates, and bug fixes.

You should note that the cost of a one-year Dragonfly Maintenance Plan is less than the cost of a single license upgrade. Since you can expect at least one major version release during your contract, adding maintenance not only gives you access to technical support, it also provides a quick return on your investment.

Priority Technical Support
Enjoy up to two hours of technical support before any costs are incurred. For all problem reports, our Support Team will review your issue and provide a fix or workaround, if possible, or let you know in which version of the product the problem will be corrected.

We take problem reports seriously and our in-house technical support team works directly with our development teams to ensure that every customer receives the best possible support.

Recommendations for Using Dragonfly
Our Support Team will provide you with a "how to" that explains the best way for you to use Dragonfly (limited to one hour before training costs are incurred).

Feature Requests
We are committed to providing the best scientific software products on the market and appreciate all enhancement and new functionality requests. All requests will be considered.

Any other type of support, such as consulting or training, can be obtained at an additional charge.

How Do I Renew My Maintenance Plan?

The easiest way to renew a Dragonfly Maintenance Plan is to make payment upon receipt of your invoice. You can also renew a maintenance plan anytime within 30 days after the anniversary date of initial purchase without any financial penalty. However, no software updates or support shall be provided during the renewal process (time between the expiration date and receipt of payment).