At Dragonfly, we understand that good technical support is just as important to our customers as our products themselves. Let's talk - we're here to help!

Are you covered by a maintenance & support plan?

A Maintenance & Support plan is the best way to ensure you have product updates and access to technical support resources when it matters most. Our plans include all software updates and upgrades, as well as priority technical support for the duration of your plan. If you have signed up for a Dragonfly maintenance & support plan, you can contact our support team directly by using the button below or choosing “Help > Request Support” in the menu bar in the Dragonfly Software.

Help documentation

Every research project starts with the right questions. Find a range of professional and community resources below to help you get the answers you need – from online help to tutorials to personalized assistance from our Dragonfly Social platform.

User manuals

Explore a wealth of information, instructions, and valuable tips tailored to your needs. Navigate through specific topics to swiftly access details about features or functions. 

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Developers documents

Unlock the full potential of our products and services with our comprehensive guides, APIs, and code samples. Dive into a world of seamless integration and innovation.

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Videos & tutorials

Discover our extensive library of videos and tutorials covering a range of topics and instructions. From quick guides to in-depth tutorials, we've got you covered.

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Training programs

Whether you are new to the Dragonfly universe or want to improve special Dragonfly skills - our training experts are here to help you get most out of our software.

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Connect on Dragonfly Social

Join our community platform - Dragonfly Social - for instant help and collaboration! Connect with fellow users, share insights, and get your questions answered.

Want to report an issue?

Dragonfly includes an integrated reporting module that lets you report an issue or error by choosing Help > Report an Issue on the menu bar of the Dragonfly Software.

In the Report an Issue dialog, you can include information pertaining to the error, attach your log and installation log files, as well as upload a file.

Before contacting us, please check to see if your issue has not already been addressed either in the User Manuals, Dragonfly Social, or the online help system!

Please provide this information

Please be prepared to provide the following information whenever you report a problem:

  • The installed version of Dragonfly and operating system of any affected machine.
  • A full description of the problem and when it first occurred.
  • The steps required to reproduce the problem and a description of any error messages that were generated. If the problem affects a particular dataset, you may be asked to provide a copy of the dataset.

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