Below are links to data repositories, as well as a collection of datasets that you can download and use to explore the capabilities of Dragonfly or to augment your research.

Curated Repositories

  • Digital Rocks Portal. Digital Rocks is a data portal for fast storage and retrieval, sharing, organization, and analysis of images of varied porous micro-structures.
  • MorphoSource. MorphoSource is a data archive that allows researchers to store and organize, share, and distribute 3D morphological data sets.
  • ESRF - The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. A heritage database for palaeontology, evolutionary biology. and archaeology.

Open Access Public Repositories

  • Mendeley Data. A portal for storing, sharing, publishing, and finding research data.
  • Zenodo. A research data repository created by OpenAIRE and CERN to provide a place for researchers to deposit datasets.

Datasets for Download

Lego Man 

Lego Cup

Additively Manufactured Cube

Metal Powder

Denim Sample for Deep Learning

Three-Horned Chameleon

Stag Beetle Mandible

Concrete Sample

Peppercorn Datasets

Brique Dataset

Segmented Mouse Retina Cells



Grains Mesh

Graph of Small Sand Pack

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar Session

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

High-Resolution Sample of Kit Kat Bar

Tongue Tissue Section

Poppy Seeds

Match Cross Section

MR Brain

CT Trauma

NOTE: Datasets are available for personal use only. You cannot redistribute, sell, or use them for any commercial purposes.