Characterization and modelling of additively manufactured Hastelloy X parts under quasi-static and cyclic loading

April 14, 2021

Reza Esmaeilizadeh (1)
Esmaeilizadeh's Doctoral Thesis, April 2021.


Laser powder-bed fusion (LPBF) is one of the main additive manufacturing (AM) methods, which has been proven to produce complex metallic parts with fine features. Understanding the correlation of process parameters to the microstructure and mechanical properties of the printed parts are one of the biggest challenges in the AM community. In this thesis, the manufacturability, performance and durability of LPBF Hastelloy X (HX) parts are investigated under quasi-static and cyclic loading.

How Our Software Was Used

Dragonfly was used to analyze 3D reconstructed CT images.

Author Affiliation

(1) Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab, University of Waterloo.