Dragonfly 3D World is our core product – and a transformative solution for image processing. It combines the power of Deep Learning with intuitive workflows and hands-on user support.

The new era of image processing.

Powered by AI. 


Experience image processing on a completely new level with Dragonfly 3D World. Our software is based on the world's leading and commercially-supported deep learning engine that lets you train and execute convolutional neutral networks to meet your own unique image enhancement and image segmentation challenges. 

Training a model to segment a denim fabric sample. Data courtesy of RIGAKU.

Watch models learn

Dragonfly’s deep learning solution is bundled with pre-built and pre-trained neural networks, making it easy and fast to apply even for novices. Powered by Google’s TensorFlow and Keras, our products give you the power to train, reuse, and repurpose existing models for advanced applications, and also develop new neural networks.

Before After

C. elegans before and after denoising. Data courtesy if Dr. Keana Scott (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Image enhancement

Need to enhance your image quality? Our deep-learning based regression models can vastly improve the quality of your images, particularly relevant for X-ray. From denoising to super resolution, you will see your images in clearer detail than ever before.

Before After

Ceramic matrix before and after automated segmentation with deep learning. Data courtesy of Aly Badran, University of Colorado.

So much more than impressive rendering
Automated segmentation 

Well-trained AI models ensure efficient and reliable segmentations for complex materials without user bias. Training data can be created by simply painting the different features of interest within a subset of your image data. Models can then learn how to segment the pixels of the whole dataset or other similar datasets. This empowers any user to achieve robust and reproducible segmentation results that can be combined with any Dragonfly analysis or modeling workflow.

Quantitative Analysis


Whether you are analyzing pores, fibers, grains, phases, or anything else, Dragonfly 3D World's quantification and analysis tools give you powerful options for counting, measuring, and characterizing image features.

Fiber dataset courtesy of ZEISS

Size, shape, and spatial properties

Make measurements on hundreds to millions of individual grains, pores, organelles, etc. Select from volume, surface area, Ferret diameter, aspect ratio, roughness, sphericity and scores of additional measurements.

Analyze and classify
  • Cross-index measurements between analyses or across samples to answer nuanced research questions
  • Plot histograms to gain insights into the distribution and characteristics of your data and categorize objects according to specific criteria
  • Map out layer thicknesses and probe depth maps to understand biases in spatial distributions
  • Identify and evaluate three-phase boundaries and interfacial surface areas
Porosity evaluation of a cast metal part. Data courtesy of Dandong Huari Science Electric Co., Ltd.

Porous media

Dragonfly provides the ideal framework for characterizing and analyzing the properties of porous materials.

Metrics and modules
  • Reconstruct porous and fracture networks from 3D image data or simulations
  • Automated porosity segmentation options
  • Compute size and shape of pores, total porosity, surface-connected porosity, tortuosity, velocity and pressure for permeability, temperature and flux for thermal conductivity, and more
  • Dedicated pore network modeling module for performing a wide range of pore network simulations (OpenPNM).
  • NASA’s Porous Microstructure Analysis (PuMA) plugin for computing effective material response simulations on microstructures of porous media
Inspection of wall thickness. Data courtesy of Dandong Huari Science Electric Co. Ltd.

Meshes and models

Create high-quality meshes, vector fields, and spatial graphs generated from image data, segmentations, or simulations.

Numerical modeling options
  • Color-coded scalar meshes of local thickness, curvature, and deviation maps
  • Perform a wide range of pore network simulations with OpenPNM
  • Perform material response simulations on the microstructures of porous media with PuMA
  • Quantify fluid flow and heat dissipation with NGSolve 
  • Investigate the inter-relationship between connected components
Fiber analysis. Data courtesy of Rigaku.

Fiber analysis

Calculating the physical properties of composites, polymers, and fibrous materials with Dragonfly provides researchers and product developers with the comprehensive understanding of material behavior that is essential for improving and developing new products.

More applications
  • Automated extraction of individual fibers from reinforced composites
  • Computation of microstructural characteristics, such as fiber length and tortuosity, orientation, thickness
  • Examination of the interface between fibers and matrix material in composites

One intuitive workflow


Our intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface will guide you through the complete workflow of your project. From flexible file import options, to an extensive array of image visualization and manipulation tools, as well as specialized extensions, Dragonfly 3D world delivers the features you need to accomplish meaningful results quickly and confidently.


Your Dragonfly 3D World experience begins with file readers for an array of file formats.
  • Standard and scientific image file formats (TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP)
  • Advanced features such as crop or merge input channels 
  • Microscopy and medical file formats (MRC, DICOM, Analyze)
  • X-ray CT file import from leading device manufacturers (Comet Yxlon and others)
  • Organize, manage, and share data and analysis results with Dragonfly's intuitive Organizer

Reveal the true data in your images with Dragonfly 3D World’s rich tool chain
  • Image processing with conventional algorithms and advanced AI models, trained by Dragonfly experts or customized by end-users
  • Intensity calibration and normalization to make cross-sample comparisons meaningful
  • Resampling in user-preferred orientations with arbitrary pixel size
  • Correct image defects that interfere with analyses and apply denoising, sharpening, shading correction, and edge enhancement filters to improve image quality
  • Stack alignment, 3D volume registration, 2D and 3D image stitching

From thresholding to semi-automated and automated processes, Dragonfly 3D World simplifies the task of labeling image features for analysis
  • Thresholding, painting tools, active contours, and histographic segmentation
  • Morphological operators, distance maps, and options for refining regions of interest
  • Watershed transforms to separate touching or overlapping objects
  • Robust and reproducible segmentation results with ready-to-use AI-based models for semantic segmentation
  • Dragonfly’s Segmentation Wizard provides an easy-to-use workflow for implementing deep learning and classical machine learning segmentation models

Dragonfly’s 3D World’s quantification and analysis tools provide powerful options for extracting measurements critical for the proper assessment of material structures and properties.
  • 3D and 2D metrics, as well as porosity, particle size and shape, void analysis
  • Automatically classify, count, and sort objects by features
  • Feature filtering using any computed measurement
  • Plot histograms to gain insights into the distribution and characteristics of your data
  • Add cross-reference measurements and apply arithmetic operations
  • Dedicated functions for computing anisotropy and porosity

See every detail from every angle and make dramatic impressions of them with animations and impactful renderings.
  • Rich 3D rendering with arbitrary clipping, lighting, focal spotlighting, and reflective surfaces to emphasize key features
  • Dynamic 2D inspection with planar views, dewarped planes, cylinder and sphere surface projections
  • Fine control over colors and transparency with user-friendly tools for editing color and opacity


Effortlessly export findings, annotated images, and present your findings with compelling videos.
  • Export annotated high-resolution screenshots for publication
  • Produce animated sequences from your project with Dragonfly 3D World’s intuitive Movie Maker
  • Record animations that scroll through 2D image stacks
  • Export analysis data in the CSV file format for further analysis and archiving
  • Generate comprehensive reports of your findings in the PDF file format


Workflow automation. New feature development. You’ll get all the support you need to tailor Dragonfly 3D World directly to your team’s needs.
  • Record, play back, and edit Python macros for your own customized workflows
  • Integrated Python console to execute commands and explore possibilities that can be pasted into larger scripts
  • Access to rich online developer documentation, loaded with examples and videos
  • World-class debugging tools fordevelopers interested in authoring plugins

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Dragonfly 3D World

Header image: Fiber dataset courtesy of ZEISS.

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