Revolutionize your processes with our dedicated workflow solutions. Tailored for precision and efficiency, these specialized workflows seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, providing a bespoke solution that maximizes productivity and elevates your operations.

Joint forces for powerful software

In the field of industrial X-ray inspections, Dragonfly works closely with Comet Yxlon, the leading manufacturer of high-end X-ray and CT systems and solutions. Together, we provide tailored software packages for a wide range of tasks, challenges and applications.

Battery Insights

Execute automatic, reliable, and objective anode overhang checks based on Dragonfly deep learning technology.

  • Customizable reports and exports for your analysis and statistical process control.
  • Includes a full Dragonfly 3D volume visualization and analysis software license with deep learning technology

Comet Yxlon Exclusive Products

The products below are based on Dragonfly technology and are exclusively available for Comet Yxlon systems at this moment in time.
For more information please contact Comet Yxlon via the links below.

Review Insights

Let our powerful software assistance support your visual inspection.

  • Software-assisted visual inspection of 2D and 3D images
  • Review slices of 3D volumes in any direction
  • User-friendly image filters, zoom, rulers and manipulation


Void Insights

Gain even deeper insights from efficient guided inspection by grading solder connection voids. 

  • Software-assisted quantitative void analysis in 2D and 3D images
  • Benefit from an unobstructed view of solder planes when using 3D X-ray
  • Reliable and reputable evaluation with machine-readable export results
  • Batch automation for higher efficiency of repeated inspections
  • Includes Review Insights