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Dragonfly's flexible products cover a wide range of analyses, disciplines, industries and more. Yet for certain applications, a more focused set of requirements needs to be met. Our developers frequently work together with experts in the field to create additional functions or modules to enhance your Dragonfly experience and answer these specialized areas of study.

Bone Analysis

Bone analysis provides 3D vector-based mappings of anisotropy magnitude and directionality and 3D scalar-based mappings of bone volume fraction, which can be used as a proxy for bone strength.

  • Automated separation of cortical and trabecular bone drives the calculation of common morphometric indices, as described by Bouxsein et al., that provide quantitative descriptions of bone micro-architecture.
  • 3D vector fields of anisotropy, in which color scales represent magnitude or direction, help determine associations between structural features and the mechanical functions of a bone.
  • Specific local information can be obtained by applying volume-thickness mapping and exporting histograms of local morphometrics.

Plug Analysis

Plug analysis provides a dedicated workflow for pre-processing and analyzing core plug images acquired from rock samples and other porous media. It includes segmentation with deep learning and computations of length, tortuosity, pore diameter, porosity, and other parameters that add weight to observations.

  • Additionally generate color-coded meshes that show referential values of local thickness and scalar-based maps of volume thickness.
  • Plot pore size distribution and tortuosity between input and output boxes.
  • Append analysis results to detailed reports that include screenshots, graphs, and other supporting material.

Remote Access

Enjoy the flexbility to work anywhere, at any time – at the microscope, in the
office, in meetings, or even in the coffee shop.

  • The remote access add-in allows you to access your advanced 3D visualizations and analyses throughout your company network.
  • Practically any device with a mouse – laptop or desktop (Windows/Linux/MacOS/ChromeOS) – becomes a virtual workstation

Header image: CT data courtesy of TESCAN, sample courtesy of Rush University

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