June 18 – 20, 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany.

This summer, Dragonfly will be joining the largest industry event in Europe for battery technology to present our specialized solutions for the industry. Bringing together a variety of companies, industry leaders and enthusiasts within the battery and EV technology communities, this comprehensive conference combines industrial and technical content with a focus on real-world commercial solutions. Make sure to visit our booth to explore what is possible. 


June 18-20, 2024


Messe Stuttgart, Germany


Hall: 8, Booth: 9-D63

Join us at the Battery Show 2024 to delve deeper into the world of deep-learning based defect recognition for the battery industry. Engage with our Dragonfly team, discover our latest innovations, and immerse yourself in our specialized solutions. 

Relevant Publications for Battery Inspection

From practical applicatons to lab-based experiments, Dragonfly's products are used by scientists and professionals alike in the battery industry.
Looking for some inspiration? The below publications should help. They provide detailed insights into the methodologies and technologies employed, showcasing Dragonfly 3D World's capabilities in analyzing battery components. You'll find information on how Dragonfly's imaging and analysis tools have been applied to identify defects, assess structural integrity, and improve the overall performance of batteries. 

Looking for a real-world example? Check out our application note 'Dragonfly AI solution to individual battery anode-cathode overhang analysis' for an in-depth exploration into the techniques available using our flagship product, Dragonfly 3D World. 

Non-destructive multi-scale imaging of batteries

Researchers from CNIS of Sapienza University of Rome and ENEA Casaccia Research Center utilized Dragonfly software to segment, characterize, and visualize individual battery components in their assembled states.

Lithium ion battery study using Dragonfly

Lithium-ion batteries underwent non-destructive X-ray microscopy before and after full discharge. Despite imaging challenges, lithium transport mapping revealed evidence of current constriction, crucial for battery quality and lifespan assessment.

Application note: Battery Inspection for Overhang Distances

X-ray inspection by computed tomography (CT) allows for the quality evaluation of batteries and is especially useful for lithium-ion batteries. CT provides easy checking of voids, cracks, delaminations, and overhang distances between anode and cathode components. In this application note, we showcase the battery inspection capabilities of CT using Dragonfly software. In particular, a deep learning model is trained to segment the overhangs automatically.