Revealing the ins and outs of precious collection samples makes non-destructive testing of paramount importance to museum imaging programs. Dragonfly's friendly and powerful tools produce stunning visual and quantitative takeaways from studied specimens.

Image source: Segmented Pawpawsaurus jawbone. Data courtesy of DigiMorph.

Paleontology and natural history

The study of field-collected natural history specimens – extinct and extant – is a longstanding and major contributor to the pursuit of the Natural Sciences. Dragonfly's AI-based image processing of X-ray CT images is especially powerful in handling the nuanced textures found in even poorly preserved natural specimens.


Segmented Pawpawsaurus jawbone. Data courtesy of DigiMorph.
Gothic prayer bead. Data courtesy of the University of Western Ontario.

Physical anthropology and cultural heritage

The artifacts of agriculture, hunting, religion, the arts and other facets of human life supply great insights into our collective human history. Dragonfly's feature-rich visualization and rendering tools are ideal for methodical non-destructive dissection of relics from our cherished past.


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