Studying how microstructure affects the universal human experience of food consumption is a rapidly growing field. Dragonfly's tools enable researchers to link ingredient ratios and distributions along with nuanced textures to key performance indicators such as taste and mouthfeel.

Manufactured foods

Taste and mouthfeel define how humans enjoy food. Using Dragonfly to detail ingredient particle size and distribution, the microstructure of porosity, as well as matrix and coating thickness, enables researchers to make quantitative measurements. These findings are ideal for balancing the cross-optimization of economics and customer satisfaction in industrial food production.


A 3D segmentation of a popular chocolate bar
Scan of a KitKat chocolate bar imaged by laboratory micro-CT.
Scan of a romanesco cauliflower.

Agriculture and produce

The shape, size, and variance of seeds and other harvested produce can and should inform the agricultural and processing practices related to food supplies. Dragonfly's quantitative and analytical tools, with advanced segmentation of subtle microtextures, can establish quantitative metrics to characterize fruits, vegetables, meats, and other agricultural products.

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