From Life Science and Materials Science to museum collections and quality inspections in the industrial field: Dragonfly serves a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines as well as non-academic application areas.

Solutions made for experts. By experts.

At Dragonfly, we are scientists at heart. Led by experience and driven by curiosity, our team develops tailored software solutions in close collaboration with the academic community. It’s our aim to drive innovation across various applications – from Geoscience and Food Science to museum collections, quality assurance in manufacturing, and beyond.

Quality Assurance

For inspection tasks in additive manufacturing, casting, plastics, electronics and advanced packaging.

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Material Sciences

Analyze materials like foams, metals, or ceramics.

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For your projects in Earth and Planet Science, and in the mining, oil & gas industry.

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Museums Collections

Solutions for museums, special collections and cultural heritage projects.

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Life Sciences

Supporting your tissue, bone, and paleontology research.

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Food Sciences

Solutions for ensuring pristine packaging, precise quality control, and meticulous foreign object detection for an unparalleled standard.

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At Dragonfly, we prioritize excellent technical support as much as our products.

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Header image: Retina cell segmented with deep learning. Data courtesy of Christopher Bleck, NIH.