Dragonfly, a brand of Comet, develops advanced 3D visualization and analysis software for today's most demanding 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging studies.

Dragonfly's software solutions support scientists and researchers to perform complex image analyses and industrial customers to gain actionable information about their products in a repeatable, reliable, and cost-efficient way. Equipped with an advanced machine learning-based segmentation engine, Dragonfly's products feature a user-friendly interface to transform powerful and accurate quantitative findings into high-impact visuals. From the automotive or aerospace industries, to electronics, semiconductors or scientific research, Dragonfly is here to unleash the true potential of image processing.

Clients rely on our products and services to solve complex industrial and research problems and to extract the most value from their imaging system investments.

Dragonfly - Our story so far.

  • In 2020 ORS was aquired by Comet Group
  • For the past three years, both parties have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration on various projects. As part of the same company, they can now align priorities more effectively, exchange knowledge, foster mutual growth, and innovate solutions that set new standards.

  • In 2015, ORS made the decision to overhaul its software entirely, transitioning from pure C++ to a blend of C++ and Python to adopt a more modern language.
  • The initial version of Dragonfly was launched in 2016 after undergoing a thorough 1.5-year rewriting process.

  • In 2012, the company released ORS Visual SI, a non-medical version of its flagship product. 

  • In the year 2010, ORS embarked on a pivotal milestone by entering into a highly consequential distribution and development agreement with Zeiss, marking a significant strategic partnership.

  • ORS signed a major out licensing deal with Siemens in 2009 to provide Siemens medical with a innovative module to characterise abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).
  • ORS received $1.5M CAD of VC investment, 50% from public funding 50% from private.
  • For compliance with the medical market, the company became ISO 13485 certified.
  • The company also met regulatory compliance with Health Canada and FDA (United States).

  • In the year 2005 the team has landed its first major customer - Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Creation of ORS 
  • ORS was established in 2004 by its four founders.

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Header image: Result of applying the ready-to-use ‘UniversalJawSeg’ deep model with classes for enamel, dentin, and jawbone. Original microCT dataset acquired by Dr. Kornelius Kupczik (Universidad de Chile).